Dental Implants

Dental Implantology is an area of Special Interest at Cavendish House.  We are a major national postgraduate education centre for our dental colleagues, having trained over 500 dentists in the UK.  Cavendish House is the home of the UK Implantology Year Course.

Dr Stuart Ellis and Dr Richard Millhouse are the implant surgeons at Cavendish House.  Implants are used to restore spaces that have resulted from the loss of one or more teeth. A dental implant is constructed from a very pure grade of surgical titanium. The implant itself resembles a small screw. The implants can be used to support crowns or bridges and even to hold a full set of dentures more securely.

Cavendish House has its own on-site CBCT scanner to provide us with high resolution 3-D images of the jaws.  Detailed, careful planning is the key to successful and comfortable implant treatment.

Combining x-ray data from our 3-D CBCT scanner and surface laser scanning of the patient's teeth allows us, in many cases, to place implants using computer guided flapless techniques.  This involves the surgery being carried out firstly using a virtual reality computer application.  Once this has been done a digital 3-D steriolithographic surgical template is made.  This technique allows many patients to have 'flapless surgery', where implants are placed without any incision or stitches.  This approach greatly improves post operative comfort for our patients.