Weird Dental Facts....


- Shark teeth are covered in fluoride, making them resitant to dental decay. Sharks’ enamel is made up of a chemical called fluoroapatite, which is resistant to acid produced by bacteria. This, combined with the fact that most sharks replace their teeth throughout their lives, means that sharks have excellent dental health. It is believed that sharks have been on the earth for around 450 million years.  Modern humans are complete newcomers at just 200,000 years.  Even our ancestors only go back about 6 million years.  Maybe we too will eventually evolve decay resistant teeth.  Then there will be no need for dentists!
- The first known dentist lived about 5,000 years ago (3,000 BC).  He was an Egyptian named Hesi-Re who was in charge of treating and alleviating the dental ailments of the Pharaohs. He was also a physician, who indicated the importance of the association between Medicine and Dentistry. 
- American dentist, Dr Michael Zuk, bought John Lennon’s rotten molar tooth for $31,000 in 2011. He then had part of the tooth set in a necklace by Beverly Hills jewellery designer Ari Soffer and set it on a tour of dental practices to raise awareness of oral cancer.  Sounds odd but perhaps understandable until we read this month that Dr Zuk is now planning to use the DNA to clone the Beatle and to make a movie of the project.  Dr Zuk even wants his part to be played by Tom Cruise!