Even after eight years it's still difficult to believe that I can now happily make dental appointments, arrive for them and hop into the chair without a second thought. It was a different story in 2000 - I could hardly eat as my teeth were so painful: when I did eat I couldn't chew so had terrible indigestion but the mere thought of seeing a dentist was unbearable. Twenty years of dental phobia was by no means easy to deal with but I'm so pleased that it was possible with Dr Ellis' skill and patience. Now I eat comfortably, take good care of my teeth, look forward to my dental appointments, and I look good too! JN

Some of the best dental care I have ever experienced in 30 years, both in Italy and in UK. AC

My daughter has a phobia of dentists, as many people do. She visited Dr Millhouse a few years ago and was treated with such care and compassion she has never looked back. Currently living abroad, she travels back to Dr Millhouse for check ups and treatment! At her recommendation I also became a patient of Dr Millhouse some years ago and have been extremely pleased with the care received. Deborah Whiteland

When I first came to Cavendish House one of my greatest fears was the dentist! You were kind, reassuring, and - best of all - offered sedation for the work I had to have done. My attitude towards visits has changed so much that I no longer sit in the waiting room with racing heart and sweaty palms. In fact, I'm completely relaxed because I know I'll get the best possible treatment and if I am fearful about any treatment that needs to be done, my feelings will be taken into account. Because of house moves, I've been to several dentists over the years, but Cavendish House is on a different level in terms of patient care than any others I've experienced. Ruth Wiseman

As Londoners for many years we benefited from the proximity of Wimpole Street dentists. Approaching 80 yrs of age I had the good fortune of a friend's recommendation 8 years ago. The Cavendish standards have been every bit as efficient and reassuring. Charles Scanlan

The care given by all the staff at Cavendish House is excellent and promotes confidence that every care will be taken to ensure that the best dental care is taken! Thank you. Sarah Rowe

I was terrified of going to the dentist before coming to Cavendish House. This was to the extent that I would go through extreme pain rather than have treatment. Now I have to say that I feel much more comfortable and even though I live nearly 2 hours away, wouldn't think of changing dentist. LC

I had always disliked going to the dentist and, before becoming a patient at Cavendish House, had avoided dental treatment for over two years. When I suffered a broken tooth, I had no alternative than to seek dental advice. I visited Cavendish house and found my dentist very patient and understanding. She helped me face my fears and made it clear that I was in control of all my treatment. The procedure I underwent ( a crown) was very time consuming but the result was far superior to work I have had done at any other dental practise. JM

I have been a patient at Cavendish house now for over 10 years and have always received exceptional care. Your quiet gentle manner always puts me at ease and I now find that a visit to the dentist is no longer a daunting experience. Janice Maltby

The overall quality of care at Cavendish House is easily the best I have ever received anywhere – and I have a sample of more than 10 dentists in 3 different countries (UK, Canada, Germany) to compare it with. So when returning to Cambridge in 2008 after some years abroad, I was relieved to find that Cavendish House and my dentist were still here. Although several of my previous dentists were clearly also very highly skilled professionals, it is the rare combination of qualities that in my view sets Dr Millhouse apart: He is not only an extremely skilful dentist, but he also has the ability to communicate his assessment and resulting choice of treatment clearly and comprehensively to his patients, put his patients at ease and is despite a busy schedule of appointments always willing and able to take the time to listen to and resolve any questions and concerns they may have. If you are looking for high quality and what I would consider truly 21st-century dental healthcare, look no further.. Dr U.Klossek, Cambridge